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Clip vs. Magazine: What is the Difference?

If you are a gun owner, you know the importance of public perception in our politically charged culture. When gun enthusiasts consistently use the wrong terms to describe guns and ammunition, it can negatively affect the public’s understanding of guns. One such common misunderstanding is clip vs magazine.Aside from others’ perspectives, we should have a […]

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5 Common Reloading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Handloading ammunition is a very common practice for intense shooters. Handloading allows you to save money while also customizing your ammunition to your exact kind of shooting. But are you making these common reloading mistakes? There are several mistakes that come along with handloading your ammunition. Some of these mistakes can be very dangerous, despite the […]

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How Far Can a Bullet Travel? (4 Factors)

Wondering how far can a bullet travel? The projectile of a rifle cartridge, often called a bullet, can travel at vastly different distances, dependent on a few key factors, that can be dumbed down to basic physics.The main factors that will affect how far the bullet can travel are: projectile weight, muzzle velocity, trajectory, shape of […]

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