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Adjustable Objective Scopes

Adjustable objective scopes can be somewhat confusing, but they really don’t have to be. Many shooters don’t fully understand them, but in this article, we will explain these scopes for you.

When a scope has an adjustable objective, it simply means that it has an adjustable parallax. Parallax can be confusing as well. Essentially, parallax becomes a problem when shooting at longer distances. If your eye, the reticle, and the target aren’t lined up, it will appear that the reticle is somewhere that it actually isn’t.

Many scopes come with a set distance at which there will be no parallax. Essentially, the lenses of the scope are lined up in a way that the reticle will be perfect at that distance. Adjustable objective scopes allow you to change this distance.

In order to effectively use an adjustable objective scope, you must know the distance that you’re shooting at. You’ll need a rangefinder or a known distance target to do this. However, once you’ve zeroed the scope in and identified the distance, you’ll be able to adjust the rifle to a point where it should be parallax free at the specified distance. Once the scope is parallax free, it doesn’t really matter where your head is placed. It eliminates the need for your eye to be perfectly lined up with the scope.

For precision shooting, this is a huge positive. Military snipers adjust the parallax of their scopes because it’s essential to have a precisely placed shot. However, for hunters, this usually isn’t a huge problem, because extremely precise shot placement isn’t necessary.

The biggest pros of an adjustable objective scope are that it allows you to be much more accurate, and it will make shooting at longer distances easier. On scopes with a higher magnification range, this could be extremely important, because parallax will be more noticeable at greater distance and at greater magnification.

The cons of this feature is that it can make the scope more confusing to use, and it may be completely unnecessary. With the additional knob, it may make the scope a little more confusing to use. You may find yourself messing with the settings too much, and eventually missing a shot that you would normall hit.

The only people who really should use adjustable objective scopes are those who require extreme accuracy. As we mentioned before, it is really only necessary for snipers and those who partake in precision shooting. If you’re a hunter, you can get by without it, but you could also use it if you’d like. For instance, if you’re hunting at a specific distance, you could set your parallax ahead of time to make the shot that much easier.

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