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12 Tips for Scent-Free Hunting

Although deer are not as aggressive as other species, deer possess a level of adaptability and defensive skills that allow them to protect themselves – their strongest asset being their noses. Over the years, there have been numerous types of gear and products that are specially created to help hunters control scent. 12 Tips for […]

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Shed Antlers: A Natural Process For Deers

Deer are among the most mystical creatures on the planet. Long sought after by hunters. The cause of many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ among children and hikers. A regular sighting in many regions throughout the world. But with how common deer are throughout North America, it’s surprising how little most people know about them. We’re aiming […]

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How To Find Deer Sheds

Although you may have heard otherwise, there isn’t much luck or many secrets about how to find deer sheds. What it really takes is patience, a keen knowledge of the trail and habitat, and a bit of hunting prowess. I found my first shed antlers at the age of 11 after my uncle had spent […]

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