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What Are The Best AR Bipod For The Money (For Both Ar10 and Ar15) 2017

For hunters who spend a lot of time out in the field, you’ll likely find yourself needing some sort of steady hand for your AR.

Best Ar Bipod For The Money (For Both Ar10 and Ar15

Best Ar Bipod For The Money (For Both Ar10 and Ar15

This is particularly true for hunting at higher elevation, where there is likely to be rolling hills and uneven terrain.

The best ar bipods (for both Ar10 and Ar15) are easily compacted and portable, making packing them in and out a breeze.

With the five options we’re discussing here, transport is simple and setup is quick. Let’s take a look at these top options.

But first you can take a look at it before go to the detail review for each of it.​

Top Our Pick For Best Ar Bipod For The Money In 2017

Top 5 Best Bipod For Ar (For both Ar10 and Ar15)

This is my review about 5 Best Bipod For Ar (For both Ar10 and Ar15) for the money, it will help you find the best for hunting. Check out it:

1. CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

There’s a good level of adjustment available with this bipod, so if you need a sturdy and economical holder this is a great option for you.

A great feature of this bipod is that despite being quite small, it is one of the sturdiest available on the market. If you’re using a heavy AR or one with custom modifications, you can depend on this bipod for stability.

The adjustment range is viable for uneven terrain.

Users find the hardened steel to be of benefit when they have to fire multiple rounds at one sitting.

This is furthered when the target is on the move. While rapid movement is not ideal for this bipod (or any other), users should find that slight head bobs and other natural measures that are unavoidable are accounted for in the 6-9 inch platform.

When the wallet impact of this unit is accounted for, it is the best AR15 bipod for the money. (also good for ar10)

2. UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3"-12.7"

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3"-12.7"

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3"-12.7"

This bipod best serves situations where more height is needed for Ar

If you’re not hunting in a setting where views can be obstructed by natural surroundings, this bipod is NOT going to be needed. Go with a smaller bipod like the CVLIFE 6-9 inch in those scenarios.

When the height is needed, this unit is the go-to.

The swivel adaptor mounts quickly, and is versatile enough that users can incorporate flashlights and other devices into their hunt when holding the AR by hand.

The size of the bipod means it takes up more pack space.

The weight is negligible, however, and setup is fast.

Finding your comfort zone once the gun has been placed and adjustments have been made is a matter of only a moment of testing.

The springs are in the legs, making for optimum comfort.

Make sure the gun is firmly mounted because otherwise you’ll have severe accuracy issues.

Other than that, this is the best AR15 bipod which stretches above one foot. You should use your ar with best scope for ar15, it will help you have the good target. 

3. UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"

UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"

UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"

UTG presents a basic bipod unit here, which is ideal only for certain situations.

This unit is not going to be the end all, be all for your hunting game because it is not adaptable for any varied terrain.

Using this is comfortable situations where the hunter is familiar with the area and its threats is fine, but don’t trust it for new situations.

There is only a half inch of adjustability up to 6.7 inches, so anytime more height is needed the hunter is out of luck.

Another downside of this bipod is that it is made from aluminum. In field tests, many shooters prefer hardened steel units because they aren’t going to bend or alter even after years of use.

The bottom line is that this bipod perform much better in a wider variety of circumstances.

4. TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD 7" - 10.5": Picatinny Mount, Extendable, Folding, with Sling-attached Hole.PN#S9-94676

TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD 7" - 10.5": Picatinny Mount, Extendable, Folding, with Sling-attached Hole.PN#S9-94676

TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD 7" - 10.5": Picatinny Mount, Extendable, Folding, with Sling-attached Hole.PN#S9-94676

For hunters willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets, this bipod will last a lifetime.

While the adjustment range is less than some others, it’s incredibly sturdy. Long days in the field with multiple shots won’t rattle this unit.

The best feature of this bipod is that it pans easily to follow moving targets. TipTop is able to get away with the sturdy build.

For carrying, this bipod folds easily for who have an AR10 and AR15

Compact it well and you’ll never have an issue with the space it takes up.

Mounting takes mere seconds and stands sturdy through waiting periods and intense fire.

It’s almost like they’re pulling a fast one on us because this product is so rugged and versatile but lacks the massive cost of top-notch bipods.

For hunters wanting to make a one-time purchase that will last throughout the duration of their career in the field, this is the best AR15 bipod for the money

5. Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod

This Harris bipod is another one that will last a lifetime and costs less than a hundred bucks. It shines with bolt action rifles on long distance hunts. Rarely will a bipod be so reliable in wait-and-fire situations from beyond the length of a Tom Brady touchdown pass.

The biggest complaint against this unit is that it only adjusts to nine inches. There are others on the market that adjust above ten, such as the TipTop unit discussed above.

Therefore, this is not the best bipod for the money. Most hunters will find more satisfaction with the Tip Top unit.

Head to head comparison

Only two of these remain in the running after a thorough comparison of their features.

The CV Life Tactical Rifle Bipod and the TipTop Tactical Rifle Bipod. It’s hard to say they are in the same class. But they both lead fields because of sturdy build and how long they will last.

The other three fall short because the developers either took short cuts in construction or charge more than the value the customer is getting.


Using a tactical AR bipod when hunting is highly encourage because it increases your ability to lay low while increasing accuracy.

The CV Life bipod will take your hunting to the next level and hardly puts a dent in the overall investment into the sport. We highly encourage it!

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Best Shooting Sticks For The Hunting Reviews 2017

Best shooting sticks for hunting are intended to take the pressure off your body when shooting and improve accuracy. Most are relatively portable and collapse down to fit into a large backpack. Many even come with packs or straps themselves, making carrying them around even easier.

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There are a few different builds which we will discuss here- tripods, bipods, and field pods. So what are those?

  • Tripods have three legs and stand easily on their own.
  • Bipods have two legs and typically a handle for holding steady.
  • The field pod is a larger unit that maximizes accuracy and long distance shootingis a larger unit that maximizes accuracy and long distance shooting

 All are designed to keep your gun stationary. The stands here are the top rated gun stands for field use. All of the products reviewed here are the top rated shooting sticks.

Top 4 Best Shooting Sticks For Hunting 2017

This is my review about 4 shooting sticks in the market, it will help you find the best for hunting. Check it out:

1. Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick

Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick

The top rated shooting stick for maneuverability and overall use

The Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey is everything you will need in a tripod.

The leg and handle adjust smoothly and easily, and once the tripod is set in position, it rests securely and quietly.

The best part of this tripod and the reason it is a top rated tripod is the nearly silent telescoping leg operation, which operates at the pull of a finger.

The legs are lightweight and sturdy- they will not break, tilt, or collapse under pressure from the gun. Because of the sensitive trigger, users should use caution when resting their fingers near the trigger area.

The device is tall enough for users to stand while using, even if it is in a kneel.

Despite the weight, strapping the Jim Shockey onto your pack is not an annoyance any more than strapping a bipod.

It folds to about 41 inches and weighs three pounds, on the heavy side but this weight allows for extra sturdiness in wind or rain.

It also adjusts nearly on the fly, ideal for shooting with a partner or in the backcountry on variable land conditions.

It greatly improves accuracy on shots over 100 yards.

Because of the remove-able V yoke and adjustable legs, aiming up is no problem and when the legs are flat, shooting comfortably from a sitting position is easy to do.

The newer version of the Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 acclimates more easily to shooters’ specific preferences. Some of us like to stand at more of a slouch than others, securing the footing even more, while others prefer the upright stance. Whereas the old one was more designed to make the shooter adjust to it, this one is the other way around. Another big plus is the three-legged stand – it’d take quite a wallop of wind to knock this thing over. You’ll find it easier to set the gun and hone in on your target, and a more accurate way to track your shot. Overall, when compared to the older version of the Primos Trigger Stick, the new version is a dramatic improvement. Check Price of the new version here.

2. Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod w/ Pivot V Yoke Max

Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod w/ Pivot V Yoke Max

A top rated shooting stick for its light weight and easy packing

This unit is just a bit taller than the Jim Shockey when fully extended, and has a more flexible V yoke.

Made from aluminum alloy tubing, the tripod weighs only 38 oz. The folded length is 32 inches, making it one of the most compact tripods of its size. The big seller here is the flexible V, which pivots freely and allows for improved accuracy when shooting from an off-hand position. It rotates a full 360 degrees.

For placement on rock surfaces, the tips of the legs are outfitted with carbide tips, and the tripod comes with a Velcro strap tie down. For transport, users can utilize the nylon carrying pouch that comes with the unit or hook on/stuff into a pack if they have one large enough. The carrying pouch does have a shoulder strap.

The legs extend and secure easily and securely, and because of the 68” max height, even very tall hunters will have no problem using this tripod. When extending the legs, the suction effect that holds them in place increases in strength the higher the unit is set at, making it very secure and stable even at max height. There are no foam pads on the legs or unit in general, but users will find that they aren’t necessary because this top rated shooting stick tripod is stable as is.

3.Vanguard Scout B62 Bi Pod with V-Shaped Yoke

Vanguard Scout B62 Bi Pod with V-Shaped Yoke

The most top rated shooting stick bipod with cushion handle and 360 access

Employing many of the standard features of bipods and tripods, the Vanguard Stout B62 is a top rated gun stand for field use. The V-shaped yoke swivels 360 degrees.

The leg tips are strong and hold place very well in rock and softer surfaces such as grass or dirt.

This product is very lightweight- only 1.10 pounds, and it compacts down to 22 ¼” making it easy to stow. The legs release quickly into four sections. They are clip on legs, not screw on. Secure hand grips are absolutely necessary with a bipod, and the Vanguard offers cushioned, comfortable grips that will not irritate the hands. Users should hold it still, maximizing silence, and the ability to shoot game from longer ranges will greatly increase.

The biggest benefit of this product is that everything about it is practical for actual field use- Vanguard leaves the flashy add-ons off and focuses on maximizing the efficiency and usability of each part of this bipod.

It sets up quickly and is incredibly stable.

If you are looking for a bipod instead of a tripod, this one is perfect- it can hold rifles in excess of eight pounds without stressing the frame. Ideal for big game hunting scenarios but can be used at the range to perfect technique before taking into the field.

4. Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

Top rated shooting stick for the best accuracy and consistency when shooting

Caldwell has taken the pod approach and redesigned it for maximum stability with the Dead Shot.

This field shooting stick is a top rated shooting stick because there is no better way to improve accuracy on long range shots. It is heavy- weighing 6.6 pounds. The maximum height is 42”. The windage is perfect on this pod. Multiple adjustment points allow for total control of your shot. If you prefer to hunt from the ground, this product will improve your accuracy and consistency when placing shots.

The best thing about this product is that it pivots up and down as well as rotates left and right silently, allowing users to track their target and shoot at the point they feel most comfortable. While not practical for quick moving, the Caldwell Dead Shot is perfect for hunters who spend a long time in the stand.

It is versatile with many different types of guns and takes weather out of the equation when hunting. Rain, mud, general muck, and dirt, will not affect your shot or dirty the rifle. This best shooting sticks can also work with a crossbow without much adjustment other than fitting the hold. A solid product if you don’t mind the size and weight.

Head to Head Comparison

The Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey is the strongest tripod shooting stick on the market, beating out the others here in usability and the ability to easily set up and pack. Despite being sensitive, the trigger stick also sets this product apart. The Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod offers a lighter weight but falls short on stability when compared to the Jim Shockey. If total stability is your desire, the Caldwell Dead Shot is the best around, just make sure you are prepared to haul it back and forth and don’t plan on being super mobile during your hunt. The Vanguard Scout B62 is the best bipod shooting stick on the market and if you will be moving around, changing angles, or don’t have a large amount of carrying space, a bipod is a strong option for you. Overall, the most versatile and top rated shooting stick here is the Primos Gen 2 Jim Shockey. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

In last, hope you will find the best shooting sticks for hunting. Good luck!!

Best Shooting Sticks For The Hunting Buying Guide 2017


Build Of Shooting Sticks

Shooting sticks that are tripods and bipods are typically made out of carbon fiber or aluminum, much like a baseball bat.

The lightest ones will be made out of carbon fiber. Aluminum options tend to be a bit more stable and potentially longer lasting. Ideally, a tripod or bipod will be compact and strong- compacting down to below 20 inches for transport.

For most stands, you will be looking at a weight of between two and three pounds on the light end and up closer to eight or ten pounds on the heavier end.



Obviously, lighter shooting sticks are easier to move around. The same goes for stands that compact to a smaller size. But be sure to consider how much moving you the hunter will be doing in the field. If you are going to be in one spot for an extended period of time and will be shooting from a far distance, a heavier stand may actually be better for you than a lighter one. Lighter stands provide optimum efficiency for quick set up and break down but are more susceptible to factors such as the wind, water, and mud.


Legs And Tips

The legs are the most important part of a shooting stick. Will they hold stable when a heavy gun is resting on top? Or when it fires? How about if water is involved, such as mud or rain? Stands with a suction element on the legs tend to help with this without adding weight. Look for legs that can easily be adjusted to different heights and that compact to as small as possible when not in use.



These days, most V shaped yokes can rotate 360 degrees and allow for easy aiming up or down. On larger shooting sticks such as the Caldwell Dead Shot, you will not have that flexibility, but then again that’s not why you buy that stand. It is for maximizing accuracy and still allows up and down aiming as well as a good amount of rotation. Consider your situation in relation to how comfortable you feel with your marksmanship- if you are less comfortable, get a larger stand.